Faith & Encouragement


July 10, 2009

broken-pot1When did Gideon defeat the enemy?   Was it when they charged the tents or when he laid out fleeces?  Was it when he sent most of his army home and kept the few?

Seems to me it was when they broke their  jars and let the light shine.   That’s when the enemy looked up and fled in terror.

The clay pots shattered, one by one.  Minutes ticked by as they formed a seemingly invincible circle around the enemy camp.  And then what? The enemy ran. Leaving all their treasures behind.  Leaving a blessing the oppressed never imagined.

That’s when the army of G-d’s people was shown to be as strong as G-d believed they were all along.

At that moment in time G-d brought together a kaleidoscope of random events and made one beautiful, symmetrical testimony of His eternal plan evident.

That gives me hope.

How much time do I spend protecting the pot and hiding the Light?

Do I really show His blessing when I am broken?  Do I really shine brighter when the cracks widen and the facade falls?  Really?

Is that why it’s so hard?

We love the darkness and tend to hide from the light.   Especially when that light involves the removal of what protects us.

Especially then.

Or is it just me…

Being broken is hard work.

Staying broken is even harder.

I want to crawl back into my jar and pull the pieces up over my head.

Why couldn’t I be a bone china teacup, broken by the lightest tap?   Why do I have to be the clumsiest, heaviest, thickest water jug out there?   The one that requires a jack hammer?

But more than the desire to self-preserve is the determination of my spirit to prove Him faithful.  Even when I am messy.

And the jug, as much as I try to decorate it and make it sparkl-y, doesn’t compare to the brilliant Light that is bound up inside it.

So, if I must stay broken to insure that I don’t become hard?

I’ll do it.

And if I shine brighter without walls?

So be it.

Nobody promised me easy. He just promised me that I could make it.

If I trust Him.