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October 8, 2009

So I’m sitting here at the dining room table writing on my husbands laptop, because, frankly I like it better and it has a silver keyboard.  Which should technically make me a better, more creative writer.  Right?

Of course the creativity and inspiration of a silver keyboard may be offset by the lack of coolness I exhibit since I am wearing a large black cape and a grocery bag on my head.

And in exactly 20 minutes I shall be a devastating brunette with “velvet chocolate” hair if what the box says means anything.

It’s been such a couple of weeks.  We went to the coast for the enjoyment of our yurting selves.   We had a blast and I shall have to post a picture of the adorable state of our little round, home away from home.   And the blackberry cobbler I made in my camp oven.

We came home Tuesday, said goodbye to dear friends at a local pizza place.  Got into yet one more weird conversation with the guy that works there….  I shall digress.

4 years ago.  My boys were 5 and 7.  This aforementioned pizza place has an indoor play land where bacteria live and I’m quite sure there is a tunnel to Wonderland in the ball pit that is closely guarded by 20′ pythons and infested with used hypodermic needles.   But we always had a gallon of Purell in the car and thusly ventured forth bravely smelling of flowers and rubbing alcohol.    I would go routinely.   As in once or twice in 6-8 weeks on average.   Not a lot.   Sometimes it would be the destination for getting together with different friends and they’d always suggest it.   I was a regular.    But not that often…  Point coming.    Introduces tall, somewhat awkward employee…  As I am writing out my check for two kids meals and a salad bar buffet he mentions that he’s probably memorized my drivers license by now…


We didn’t go back for awhile.   That was just weird, right?  I don’t think I’d ever even had a conversation with him before…. Ever.  Usually someone else helped me!

Fast forward to last weeks going away party.  I rarely go in to this place anymore. Kids have kinda outgrown the play land in both interest and size.   Besides the pizza’s not all that great.   As I’m getting my large Diet Dr. Pepper, 2 Root Beer order filled by the same guy he mentions, “So I haven’t seen you in here in a long time.  I just thought you were here when I wasn’t working.”   *crickets*   “Um… Busy summer”, said I.  “We don’t do a lot of indoor activities when the weathers nice.  Besides,  I get burned out easy on eating the same foods.”   My 11 year old son is next to me with this “Huh” look on his face.   “Oh.  Well I’ve worked here for (ever) and I eat here 4-5 times a week.  It’s good to see you.”  I avoided entering into any kind of further conversation.  Avoided any kind of eye contact and focused on my son who is now getting ready to mock ME!

And then I gathered my beverages,  my dignity and my son and tried to not dash off to the corner where my friends were.

That’s weird right?  I mean there’s friendly customer service and then there’s kinda creepy stalker talk.  I’m not hyperventilating or thinking I’m all that.  I just relay the facts, ma’am.

So tomorrow I take my younger son to a parent’s meeting for his Scout group there for lunch.

But I’ll be a brunette.    And that should be better.

Speaking of being a Boy Scout.   Dorky costumes, folks.  Seriously.   And, gulp, $60 for the privilege.   But he loves it and feels like a million bucks.

Back to my week.

Tuesday night (9/29) we come back from the coast, pick up the dog,  unpack only necessities from the car, throw the kids in the shower,  put them to bed and then diligently sit down to watch Castle and Heroes on Hulu.   Because we have priorities and Nathan Fillion is fantastic!

Wednesday… Going away party, more unpack, clean house.  Thursday, more unpack, more cleaning.  Babysit boys, go to birthday party for friend.  Crawl into bed at 11pm.   Friday:  Up at 6:AM, out the door by 6:45.   Go to the other side of town to wait for numbers so we can be #’s 4-7 to an estate sale.  Have altercation with tall, old cranky bat at the door who shoved past my child and refused to let him access although his number was before hers.  I would have punched a senior citizen.  I am not ashamed to say it.  I would have.

Friday afternoon.   Scrounge thrift store and dollar store to get decorations for our Sukkah (Feast of Tabernacles).  Set up the temporary dwelling and purchase large tarps to protect it from weather.  This was very wise…

That evening we had my in-laws over for a bon-fire, soup, bread, salad and enjoyable conversation.   🙂 Roasted a turkey for other friends coming over on Saturday.

Saturday…  I don’t really remember Saturday… OH!  More clean house.  Then some dear friends came over with their NEW baby (so cute!!!!) and their passel of wonderful kids.   Had a fantastic time!   They left at 8:30, we run over to some other friends house, drop off the boys and go see Bruce Willis in Surrogates.  Not all that great.  Really.  I almost fell asleep.  Stayed awake by eating lime mojito gum.  Which is just nasty by the way.

Sunday… 5″ of dank, wet, snow.   Stayed home.  Took a nap.  Got organized for the week.

Monday am…. Dog gets out, escapes across the golf course, we drive off to find him and the boys find our kitty, Zogby, dead at the front door.  She’d been hit by a car.

Hysterics ensue.   H.Y.S.T.E.R.I.C.S.

Gut wrenching sorrow.  Especially from mr. 9 year old.   I couldn’t handle it.  Tried to console him.  I couldn’t so I resorted to finding a new kitty on Craigslist.   6 weeks old, black, fluffy, kinked tail and only 3 feet.  Tuesday night 11 year old son gets flu.  Power pukes all night. No sleep for the wicked and the just apparently.

Wednesday am… Temperature.  Paranoia.   Barf.   Lovely day!

We pick up the kitten.   Can’t decide to name him until we all agree.   All day long we came up with ideas until Mr. 9  says, “R2D2!  He’s only got three feet too!”  And it was settled.

Then Mr. 9 got to barfing out everything he’s ever consumed in his life, I fell asleep on the couch and…

Today we’re all better.   And I’m coloring my hair.

Dang it!  I deserve a good hair day, right?

I better have some fun now.

  • Wow, what a week! Especially the barfing parts and the deceased kitty :(. I hope you all feel better and that your hair comes out fabulously well!

  • Wow. That’s quite the week…sorry about your cat. Sorry about your stalker, yikes! Hope your hair turned out good.

  • Spacebunny

    Wow – that’s a week! So sorry to hear about Zogby – I hope you and the boys are doing better.

  • Oh, and Nathan Fillion — he is my secret crush. Well, not so secret. But at least I’m not stalking him.


  • Wow. What a week! I hope all is going much better now. We’ll pray, anyway.

    As for your experience with the cat… Well, we’ve been there. We once had two pet cats killed very close together. One we discovered dead in the street right next to our driveway and the other was killed by a car that swerved out of its way to hit her as we were all standing outside waiting for her to come to us. Really rough.

  • I have been almost every colour of hair known, some you wouldn’t wanna know 😉

    Blonde gets the looks, by far.

    So, I’m choosing brown, for now.

    Less looks, less attention, more time to focus on fun!