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Housework: The Cold Hard Truth

Well, now that I have your attention, let’s talk about building that house from the ground up, throwing out the garbage, and living like women of integrity. Since I wrote the first article, Housework: You’re Doing It Wrong, I have been accused of being too harsh. Some have said that I am cold and calculating. […]

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Housework: You’re Doing It Wrong

How many times in the past year have you heard of a marriage falling apart, a family disintegrating, a future destroyed?    “Too many, Heidi. Too many.” Well, that should be your answer because it’s the truth. And if it isn’t your answer either you a) have no friends b) live in a bubble c) […]

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Velvet Ribbons

Shaky voices will often Tell Stories that are uncomfortable and many would wish to keep Silent.  That’s ok.  Grace is Awkward.  Sometimes Truth is too.  Sometimes bondage even looks like Velvet Ribbons. ___________________________ Spiritual warfare. Not the Avengers.  Not Thor.  Not crazy mind games. Not the mystical white druid against the crumpled, dried-apple face, old […]

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Proverbs 31 Woman Gets A Piercing

Isaac and Dillon were little. Like, “we love Between The Lions” kind of little, and their babysitter, Ryleigh (name changed), was one of their new favorite people. We were just happy to finally have a babysitter so we could go on 2 hour dates. It was important, at the time, to have these quality times […]

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Where Are The Warrior Moms?

Heard about the Tiger Mom and the Elephant Mom and attachment parenting and whatever other kind of mom there is? The Ferret Mom? There are no Gerbil Moms… Or Coyote Moms. Funny, that. I don’t think I have the stamina or vision to Tiger Mom and I’m not sure about what “Elephant Mom” even means. […]

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