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Why I’m Going To Be Jesus For Halloween

Every year, without fail, someone writes a long, poignant, and pointed list of reasons why they hate Halloween and why you are EVUL for celebrating this god-forsaken holiday with all it’s culture of death and glorification of witchery stuff. Photo Credit: Dillon Stone  www.internationalbror Frankly, I tend to agree and we, the husband and I, […]

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Why #howtodad is better than Nascar and how advertising is usually insulting

  So, the other day, sitting next to my husband at the local theater, small popcorn and Hydroflasks at the ready, we unfortunately were forced, for the sake of the upcoming film, to sit through the last few minutes of the INTERMINABLE (that means it feels like a form of torture used in the Spanish Inquisition) […]

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Broken and Useless, But God…

The dog days of spring have sprung and I’m all “I think I can” to get through every single day of homeschooling and living.  To spread a blanket on the grass and nap my life away like the dog sounds heavenly. That’s on the one hand. On the other, a burning passion to clean every […]

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