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An Anniversary of Apathy – Have We Learned Anything Since The Holocaust?

Seventy years. Seven decades. 25,550 days. That’s like 490 in dog years or 544 and some in ferret years. Or, other terms, this is how long it’s been since a January day Russian soldiers walked up to the jagged, wired fences in Auschwitz. Confronted by walking skeletons in striped uniforms, battle weary soldiers from Moscow […]

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If We Are Silent – Evil Wins

Just in case you’ve been living in a cave for the past week, you might be newly horrified to learn well over 200 girls were kidnapped by the Islamic jihadist group, Boko Haram. The Boko what?  Oh, Heidi, why do you bother me with this stuff? They are just a group of crazy extremists… You […]

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The New B Word

I recently read an article about a Portland, Oregon man and his family, trapped in a bedroom, who called 911 because they had a 22-pound cat gone wild just outside the door.  I linked to it on Facebook and said:  “I weep for humanity when men call 911 because they cannot wage war against a […]

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The Beat Goes On

* Politicks:   Santorum did well yesterday,  Romney gloated,  Paul didn’t play and Gingrich won’t give up.   In unrelated news,  I received several emails with “chilling” letters from Lou Pritchett.  Snopes?  Don’t care enough to bother.   For all the frightened conservatives out there right now?  Where were you when you were feeling so good about having […]

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To Null DADT = What exactly?

So… My dear friend’s boy joined the Navy last summer.  Being very athletic, intelligent, mature and, most importantly, black, he was snapped up like a  cupcake at a fat farm. He went into basic not knowing what to expect and found it a) not as physically challenging as he’d anticipated since he already worked out […]

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