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Moving Gracefully Within Change

  My lips brushed against downy hair, fresh lavender wafted from soft, clean, warm bodies while little eyes squeezed shut in laughter at the sound of my voice. They were little.  I was so young. We loved together and grew together.  These happy, brilliant years of growing, learning, deepening faith, drawing us so close before […]

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If We Are Silent – Evil Wins

Just in case you’ve been living in a cave for the past week, you might be newly horrified to learn well over 200 girls were kidnapped by the Islamic jihadist group, Boko Haram. The Boko what?  Oh, Heidi, why do you bother me with this stuff? They are just a group of crazy extremists… You […]

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Had A Case of the Mondays Today

Had a full-blown Monday today. Woke up eager to begin some spring projects.  Sat on the couch to “check Facebook” for a few minutes and totally fell asleep. Lame. Sauce. Woke up an hour later, mentally scrambled and behind, to a messy house, dishes stacked in the kitchen and everyone’s hungry. Mom fail. #IDontWantToBeInChargeAnymore My […]

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Dear G-d

Matt’s MS is hitting critical mass.  One more therapy and then we just sit around and wait for his body to completely shut down.  And he’ll be 30 on February25. Leny is living one day at a time.  There isn’t any more treatments in his future.  Just blood transfusion here and there to make him […]

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Shards of Hearts

Sometimes things happen and they make sense.  There is an order to them. 1+1=2. There are things that happen that blow it all to hell.   Seriously all to hell.   And even the folks on the fringes end up catching shrapnel and limping away. My  sweet friend celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago.   She’s beautiful.   […]

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