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Jazz Hands For Justice – A MOTW article

Watching the recent Antifa videos taken in Austin, Texas, I can’t help but be unimpressed with what passes for modern rhetoric. Color me less than convinced by those pitiful little passels of sadness called Antifa. Surprisingly, “F*#k you” has risen above mere vulgarity. Moving into the realm of educated speech, it is now intended to […]

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A Sordid Christian Love Affair…With Controversy

… Since when did the Bride of Christ turn into such a Drama Queen? They will know us by our love-affair with telling everyone how offended we are by *Whatever it is we are most offended with at the moment. Isn’t that what the Scripture was? The DaVinci Code and Twilight and Harry Potter & […]

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5 Current Trends I Don’t Understand

Trend #1: “Frozen”  And everything about it. Ok, I saw the movie.  Misunderstood girl, lonely little sister, orphaned,  Broadway-esque music, Disney big-eyed, tiny waisted, princess beauties, funny/awkward male lead, goofy sidekick.  I get it, all the right elements have converged. But, seriously?  Was it THAT good?  I mean the songs are catchy, but they surely […]

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Who called Dibs?

Hi PD… Um, ok. I’ll play along. You said this: Atheists keep Christmas as a special day – it was theirs before Christians. It’s special to us too – just not the same as to Christians. Atheists and Deists keep it for the celebration of family, love and friends. Merry Christmas to you! Comment by […]

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It’s for the children…

I just had a thought. ********************** Are you ready? ********************** Felons, crack-heads, illegals and feminists should give up their uteruses. Uteri? Uterusi? It could be like one of those gun exchange programs down at the police station. No questions asked, Planned Parenthood could utilize the services of one of their highly skilled and under-appreciated surgeons […]

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