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The Next Revolution Starts At Home – A Men of The West article

I have been given the opportunity to write at the blog, Men of The West, which is run by some of my longtime blogging and internet friends.  Comprised of a large group of men, and a few of ladies like myself,  all from very diverse backgrounds.  We write with a focus on reminding ourselves and our […]

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The Specter of Socialization

The “socialization” question makes me Ka-Razy. I don’t know about you but I am DYING over here. Even before we had children we were committed to the ideal of home education.  After we started we were consistently asked about what home schooling looked like for our family.  Often the answer was easy.  “Have you met […]

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The Beat Goes On

* Politicks:   Santorum did well yesterday,  Romney gloated,  Paul didn’t play and Gingrich won’t give up.   In unrelated news,  I received several emails with “chilling” letters from Lou Pritchett.  Snopes?  Don’t care enough to bother.   For all the frightened conservatives out there right now?  Where were you when you were feeling so good about having […]

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On What is Wrong with Public School & Other Thoughts

In my own life, I try to avoid looking at situations from a problematic stand-point, instead I tend to view difficult situations as opportunities to learn and a place from which to begin with fresh understanding and perspective.  In regards to the discussion of where modern education has fallen short and the inevitable consequences which […]

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Check lists or Vision

Just now, as I snapped at Boy#2 to get focused on his school work, my heart did a little somersault of joy. Not necessarily because I enjoy snapping at my beloved children, but mostly because we are FINALLY into January and the new year is upon us. 2010 was an interesting year for us.  Lots […]

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