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Jazz Hands For Justice – A MOTW article

Watching the recent Antifa videos taken in Austin, Texas, I can’t help but be unimpressed with what passes for modern rhetoric. Color me less than convinced by those pitiful little passels of sadness called Antifa. Surprisingly, “F*#k you” has risen above mere vulgarity. Moving into the realm of educated speech, it is now intended to […]

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The Next Revolution Starts At Home – A Men of The West article

I have been given the opportunity to write at the blog, Men of The West, which is run by some of my longtime blogging and internet friends.  Comprised of a large group of men, and a few of ladies like myself,  all from very diverse backgrounds.  We write with a focus on reminding ourselves and our […]

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5 Steps Toward Real Friendships

Alternatively titled:  What to do when you just don’t LIKE someone and you want to get on with your life. Oh!? That’s never happened to you? You’ve always been a great, big, brilliant ball of sweetness and sunshine, adoring everyone? Good for you, Pinocchio… For the rest of us, this happens sometimes and, despite some […]

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An Anniversary of Apathy – Have We Learned Anything Since The Holocaust?

Seventy years. Seven decades. 25,550 days. That’s like 490 in dog years or 544 and some in ferret years. Or, other terms, this is how long it’s been since a January day Russian soldiers walked up to the jagged, wired fences in Auschwitz. Confronted by walking skeletons in striped uniforms, battle weary soldiers from Moscow […]

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Don’t Profit Off The Prophets

“Walking the streets of this Holy Land will change everything for you.” Said the tv preacher. “Seriously, Mom?  Actually, no, it hasn’t really changed everything.” Said the older son, as he rolled his eyes. “I feel sorry for the people of Jerusalem, you know? Everyone comes here to make money off the place they live […]

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