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An Anniversary of Apathy – Have We Learned Anything Since The Holocaust?

Seventy years. Seven decades. 25,550 days. That’s like 490 in dog years or 544 and some in ferret years. Or, other terms, this is how long it’s been since a January day Russian soldiers walked up to the jagged, wired fences in Auschwitz. Confronted by walking skeletons in striped uniforms, battle weary soldiers from Moscow […]

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Don’t Profit Off The Prophets

“Walking the streets of this Holy Land will change everything for you.” Said the tv preacher. “Seriously, Mom?  Actually, no, it hasn’t really changed everything.” Said the older son, as he rolled his eyes. “I feel sorry for the people of Jerusalem, you know? Everyone comes here to make money off the place they live […]

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When Serving Jesus Looks Like Work For Everyone Else

 Photo Credit: Isaac Stone www.internationalbrofari.com My arms hurt from reaching waaayyyy up to the very top of the windows. “What the heck,” I thought to myself, “Why would people press their faces up against the glass? Or anoint the windows with oil? Do they have any idea how much work this makes for the people […]

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Why I’m Going To Be Jesus For Halloween

Every year, without fail, someone writes a long, poignant, and pointed list of reasons why they hate Halloween and why you are EVUL for celebrating this god-forsaken holiday with all it’s culture of death and glorification of witchery stuff. Photo Credit: Dillon Stone  www.internationalbror Frankly, I tend to agree and we, the husband and I, […]

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We Are #Ferguson

Photo: NBC news   People confuse me, they always have. I mean, I’m a People, and I confuse ME! Sadly, human beings aren’t logic games with an answer key at the end.   And I don’t believe there is an “underneath it all basically good” version of us.  That would be contrary to a recurring theme […]

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