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An Almost Unbearable Inner Struggle

Writing this is hard. Being fundamentally a self-preservationist, I don’t want you to see me like this.  Weak, twisted, deformed, defective…  I want to put on the red lipstick and glam my way through life, pretending I was never this flawed, never this needy. Never This. Yet, in honesty, this is who I was.  The same genetic […]

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Velvet Ribbons

Shaky voices will often Tell Stories that are uncomfortable and many would wish to keep Silent.  That’s ok.  Grace is Awkward.  Sometimes Truth is too.  Sometimes bondage even looks like Velvet Ribbons. ___________________________ Spiritual warfare. Not the Avengers.  Not Thor.  Not crazy mind games. Not the mystical white druid against the crumpled, dried-apple face, old […]

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A Sordid Christian Love Affair…With Controversy

… Since when did the Bride of Christ turn into such a Drama Queen? They will know us by our love-affair with telling everyone how offended we are by *Whatever it is we are most offended with at the moment. Isn’t that what the Scripture was? The DaVinci Code and Twilight and Harry Potter & […]

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Five Things Church Culture Gets Wrong About the Marriage Idol

Hey!  It’s gonna be 21 years since I met the hunka-hunka burnin’ love sitting across the table from me. I feel the need to celebrate. And, by celebrate, I mean throw out my pet peeves about the idolization of marriage by church culture. 21 years ago he came into my heart and my world, like […]

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An Anniversary of Apathy – Have We Learned Anything Since The Holocaust?

Seventy years. Seven decades. 25,550 days. That’s like 490 in dog years or 544 and some in ferret years. Or, other terms, this is how long it’s been since a January day Russian soldiers walked up to the jagged, wired fences in Auschwitz. Confronted by walking skeletons in striped uniforms, battle weary soldiers from Moscow […]

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