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Awkward Grace

When obedience looks like Speaking up and Telling becomes an adventure in full disclosure, it isn’t long before the Accuser tells me Lies and I realize I am not very eager to share an experience with Awkward Grace. But, I do it anyway. ________________________ The only thing more awkward than being an early teenager is processing, as an […]

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Finding Peace | Sanctuary | Story Line | Until I'm Done | Work In Process

The Two-Faced Lie

Even when my voice shakes… I began The Telling. I knew it would lead here – The Two-Faced Lies. ______________________________ When testimony takes us centre stage, a two-face lie follows close behind. One side says, “My testimony isn’t what God-stories are made of, I haven’t lived ‘enough’ to be interesting.” Arms raised fall slowly to […]

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Finding Peace | Sanctuary | Story Line | Thoughts | Work In Process

The Telling Begins

Why am I telling this story?  Because I have to.  Even when my voice shakes. If we met on the street, I don’t think you would find me capable of this story. The mirror shows an overweight, very ordinary, dark haired 41 year old mom and wife. We don’t see the little girl with whispy […]

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What Do I Think of Calling Yourself Messianic?

She’s my friend and I love her, which is why I’m willing to take the time to write about this thing that makes my heart clinch up. I write this knowing full well I am talking directly at some folks I have history with and, sadly, some of them aren’t friendly any more but some of them? I […]

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Looking For Angels Instead of God

  Just around the corner from The Garden Tomb, near Old City, Jerusalem It was Monday, September 22nd, and we had been wandering through an Arab shopping area for about half an hour looking for a gate into the Old City.   Our plan was to get lost and wander but this wasn’t quite what we […]

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