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Jazz Hands For Justice – A MOTW article

Watching the recent Antifa videos taken in Austin, Texas, I can’t help but be unimpressed with what passes for modern rhetoric. Color me less than convinced by those pitiful little passels of sadness called Antifa. Surprisingly, “F*#k you” has risen above mere vulgarity. Moving into the realm of educated speech, it is now intended to […]

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Five Things Church Culture Gets Wrong About the Marriage Idol

Hey!  It’s gonna be 21 years since I met the hunka-hunka burnin’ love sitting across the table from me. I feel the need to celebrate. And, by celebrate, I mean throw out my pet peeves about the idolization of marriage by church culture. 21 years ago he came into my heart and my world, like […]

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Why #howtodad is better than Nascar and how advertising is usually insulting

  So, the other day, sitting next to my husband at the local theater, small popcorn and Hydroflasks at the ready, we unfortunately were forced, for the sake of the upcoming film, to sit through the last few minutes of the INTERMINABLE (that means it feels like a form of torture used in the Spanish Inquisition) […]

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5 Current Trends I Don’t Understand

Trend #1: “Frozen”  And everything about it. Ok, I saw the movie.  Misunderstood girl, lonely little sister, orphaned,  Broadway-esque music, Disney big-eyed, tiny waisted, princess beauties, funny/awkward male lead, goofy sidekick.  I get it, all the right elements have converged. But, seriously?  Was it THAT good?  I mean the songs are catchy, but they surely […]

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The New B Word

I recently read an article about a Portland, Oregon man and his family, trapped in a bedroom, who called 911 because they had a 22-pound cat gone wild just outside the door.  I linked to it on Facebook and said:  “I weep for humanity when men call 911 because they cannot wage war against a […]

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