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Decisions, Decisions.

I have a decision to make. It’s not a big one. But it’s a choice laid out in front of me and I’m tired of these kinds of decisions. I’m just plain worn out with the contemplating and pondering and considering. The newness and the unknowns. I don’t want to make any decisions.I want to […]

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The Truth About Transformation No One Says Out Loud

There’s something people don’t like to admit to you, listening as you share the passion of your dreams in breathless phrases and excited gestures, nearly spilling your black, a little Stevia, Starbucks coffee in the white cup, green goddess smiling on the side. When they gather at your going away party or crowd on your […]

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When Everyone Says No and God Says Go

 “How can you go to the Middle East right now? Don’t you feel like you’re not safe?” “Do whatever you have to do to be ok!” “Be careful where you go!” “Avoid that neighborhood, it’s better if you don’t go there.”  Radiating cracks on the Light Rail windows as we travel toward downtown.  Photo Credit: […]

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Educating With A Bus Ticket, A Suitcase, & Prayer

So, this is kind of a break from my regular programming, but I thought you might enjoy hearing what our “school” looks like while we are travelling.   I mean I have an 11th grader and a 9th grader under my tutelage (I just said, “Toot.” My inner 7th grader just laughed out loud.) First, the […]

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3 American Ideals That Didn’t Survive International Travel  

Over the past few years, deeply entrenched in the Introvert Camp, I have experienced a sense of comfort relative to my own personality. I’ve always known I loved my personal space, who doesn’t have a Bubble, right? But to say that I was a bit enamored with the freedom to exercise my rights to be […]

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