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Changing The Conversation

September 11, 2016

I will never be like… Them. Her. Him.

Those words have echoed through time. Each generation insisting they will be the ones to rise above nurture and triumph over nature to accomplish the greatest things. Outpacing their elders and proving their worth, undeniably.

Yet, in our passion to reject failures that cave in around us and our fragile identities like footprints on the beach, we become the very thing we have sworn to abandon forever.

Daughters become like mothers, sons age into carbon copies of their fathers in a cycle that seems never ending, more insurmountable than Gangkhar Puensum. Despite the plethora of parenting blogs, books, magazines, counselors, et al, we are failing. Our sons and our daughters, with a front row seat to our failures and flaws are quick to become the rising tide of…

I will never be like…

It is a generational anthem breaking down the families of nearly everyone I know. The pastors, the leaders, the authors, the mommy bloggers with the five steps to hearing your child’s heart and rote methodology for establishing a home that creates legacy simply aren’t enough to break this rhythm.

The rhythm breeds a revolution. The revolution adds another loop to the chain and, before you know it – You are back at square one. Again.

Same dance. Different partner.

But what if we change the conversation?

What if, as the dawning realization unfolds that we are simply having the same conversations decade after decade we took the ultimate risk and choose to stop playing our role in the conversation the same way it has been played before us?

What if we just quit? Quit defying. Quit resenting. Quit arrogantly assuming we have an answer to questions our forefathers also asked.

Tired of coming back to the same place, what if we just stopped dancing?

And then, because there is no such thing as inertia in the human existence, we purposefully propel ourselves TOWARD something far bigger and nobler than ourselves in lieu of constantly throwing ourselves AWAY from what is known, quantified, and rejected.

Suddenly, we quit leaping into the darkness of abandoning ourselves from all that is known and despised and, instead, in a spectacular show of bravery, we take the risk of diving INTO an unforeseen goodness.

We quit running away and begin running toward –

A Presence higher than ourselves. Tested and proven. One who lives outside of our limited existence and is not damaged by our inherent brokenness.

What if, instead of simply, emphatically, childishly stomping our feet and declaring we won’t be like…

We simply, emphatically, and with child-like faith, declared we would devote our lives to becoming like…

The One who loved children and honored His mother, raised the dead and hugged the leper, fed the hungry, comforted the grieving, stole away in the wee hours to spend time with His Father, rebuked the selfish, mentored the young, made disciples into friends and strangers into family.

What if we spent our energy and time committed to doing all that it takes to be just like Him?

Where would we be in the next few generations if we just quit having the same conversations and embarked on an adventure that could lead us into becoming the generation that actually does change things and instead of revolution we created harmony between generations?

What if?