Color Me Snarky

November 23, 2010

Please bear with me for a moment.  I’m just befuddled and irritated and more than a little in need of the soothing endorphin wonder twin power of Tanqueray…

IF your parents lived 10 minutes away, were elderly and not super healthy, would it EVER in a million years occur to you NOT to have them over for a major holiday?  EVER????

What the HELL, folks!  What the HELL!!!

And I sit on the other side of an epic snow fall at the top of the pass and I might as well be in China.  Or they’d be here on Thursday, I tell you.  They’d be here.

If I had to drive them myself.

  • Oh, how I WISH my parents lived that close so that I could see more of them!

  • Doom

    Uhrm… Huh? I am not sure I know what you mean, at all. I have read this sleepy and wide awake and still cannot quite understand (at all) what you mean. It is woman speak for all riled up and filled with angst and something else… But what else I cannot quite decipher. *sigh* I do try. It’s Womayiddish you speak.

  • Arielle

    *laughs* Doom, I think it may be Heidiyiddish because I can’t understand it, either!

  • I have two siblings who live 10 minutes from my elderly and frail parents. For Thanksgiving? Not a peep from either of them to include my parents in their holiday plans. I was frustrated with them…

    Make more sense now?

  • Arielle

    OH! Yes, that makes much more sense. I had this confused idea that they lived ten minutes away from you but they wouldn’t come to dinner because of a storm – but that didn’t seem to be quite right.

  • Doom

    Oh, right. Now that I get! I have words for such siblings, and they aren’t kind. Thankfully, my brother has come around and become a gentleman with our mum. I was an arse, but got over it 15 years ago and only went through a 5 year period of it. Then again he is a bit slow and callous, was juggling a spoiled wife, and can be a weak man. Oh! Blathering again, sorry. Anyway, yeah, that is brutal. It isn’t just payback to have your parents to home, especially for any major holiday, it is further respecting our Ultimate parent through cause. Yes, it’s the God thing again, but it is true.

    Oh, and thanks Arielle! I… went out on a limb there. Tis good to have tactical support!