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Completely Befuddled

January 16, 2009

Do dreams have import, weight and magnitude?   Do we process our subconsious stresses and live out our deepest dreams, desires and fears in our dreams?

I hope not….

Because last night I had a romantic entanglement with none other than Ex-President Bill Clinton.

And I may never recover from the horror of it.


*retches violently, again*

  • Shower. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

  • eeewwwww! Shudder!

  • Get rid of the blue dress

  • What blue dress? I can neither confirm nor deny the presence or absence of any blue dress in any way that might be associated with the Ex-President who would vociferously deny any relationship, communication or cigar folderol which may or may not have transpired within any officially sanctioned office or event.

    Define “is”…

  • Pablo

    We’ve all been there.
    Or wish we had.
    Hee hee!

  • Him or me?