February 26, 2008

There’s nobody around. *crickets*

It feels like it does when the Mr. takes the boys and I have the house all to myself.


So where did everyone go? What’s going on this week in February that made everyone disappear?


And would somebody kill that dumb cricket!

  • Everyone DOES seem to be missing lately. I’ve been off the computer for a couple of days myself. I think I’m back now…

  • Anonymous

    It’s winter break here this week. Kids are off school. I believe the US had their break last week.

    And people are apparently living their lives – finally 🙂

    WOOHOO @ Them

    *BANG!* Crickets dead.

    WW 😉

  • I feel like I rarely have anything worthwhile to say lately.
    Probably why I don’t blog or comment as much as I used to.

  • WW, that is no way to kill crickets. it leaves nasty holes in the wall that we as men have to come in after you and fill in.

    The proper method is to collect them and the feed them to the local fish in the lake. When you do this you will also have to option of bringing those fish back for dinner.

  • Still here.

  • karin

    Crickets in February? Lucky you!

  • Sometimes, the quietness of crickets is full of blessings. 😉

  • AJW308

    Sometimes a cricket will keep you up most the night.

  • I do believe that not one person has ever posted on my blog, not once…

    …well except in the “hello world” thread.

    Of course it has only been up for a few days or so.

    You get slammed here! Count your blessings!

    I have checked in here every day, but been busy studying for a huge sermon, 2 parts, at the request of another church, congregation I don’t know, scarry stuff!