Day 4

October 30, 2008

I’m on day 4 of being home, completely home.  Now I have only worked part-time outside the home but after spending most of the last 6 years heavily involved in whichever church I happened to be attending, then adding a part-time job to that let’s just say I’ve been AWOL for awhile.

I could cope with it for a long time.  Juggling it all wasn’t hard at first.  But I began to be worn to a frazzle.  Well, you all (at least most of you) know what our most recent “church experience” was like so you can understand how difficult that was to “manage”.

But now, here I sit.   Nothing on my agenda from here to a month from now but what we are doing as a family.   Not that that isn’t plenty!

It’s good to be home.   I can already feel myself normalizing and breathing deeper.  My kids are calmer and my husband can’t believe how much less he’s having to do around the house.  Which makes him much happier as well.

Life is good.

And it’s only day 4.