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Dear Diary

December 9, 2010

It’s been a helluva month so far.  And it’s only the 9th.

Never in my life have I been so excited for January and a return to the steady routine I have been so ungrateful for.   So, if the Lord could just preserve my sanity for the rest of this month, I’d be delighted…

Oh.   And if He could superglue my lips shut too?
That would be exceptionally helpful.

Well, I’ve only got 2 parties this weekend, dinner at a friends house, a women’s tea here and a sleepover for my boy who is turning 13.  If I can make it to Monday I suppose I can make it through the lunch date, ice skating, 2 bible studies, Christmas caroling and the Ugly Sweater/White Elephant party before next weekend when I have another Christmas party, another birthday party and a nervous breakdown.

Glad we don’t celebrate Christmas.  It makes my December so much more manageable.


  • Giraffe

    Too many parties? What a hardship.

  • I’m not ungrateful for the wonderful people in my life but being gone from home and having that much social interaction is extremely exhausting for me. 🙂

  • where is the “like” button on this thing…? 🙂

  • Doom

    I’m with ya, sort of. Though this Christmas season is over for me. Well, other than having extended my finances into… well, at least next month. Doh! I need a woman who can count! Hehe Anyway, good luck with it all. I am sure you will do swimmingly in spite of how it feels. Oh, if you get some super glue, and it actually works, do share the brand. *ugh*


  • Heck, I know what you mean. I find people extremely exhausting at times. It sounds terrible, but even the people I love and who love me I can only stand to be with for a certain amount of time, and then I get all peopled out.