September 18, 2008

After watching “Bleak House” and then a British show tonight entitled “The RIddle” I am almost compelled to write with Victorian Prose of a much more formal nature than I normally engage. Words like “forsoothe” and “faugh” brush around my mind like dried up leaves on an autumn sidewalk.

I love words. I like to say exactly what I mean in precisely the manner in which I intend it to be said. I believe one must be clear at all times. To avoid unnecessary embarrassment and any inconsistency of representation.

Do you see how quickly I fall into that? It’s a little disturbing.

There is an expediency to speaking into which we have fallen. The pleasure of using the least amount of words to express the thought which has been puzzling around in my heart for weeks seems to somehow diminish it’s importance somehow. I should wax long and eloquent to make my very important point.

But using the absolutely best word in the place of ten is the verbal equivalent of hitting the bullseye, nailing the target and walking away victorious. Hole in one.

We have communicated. I have spoken. You heard and understood.

There is an element of gracious speech which is foreign to us today. We, all of us, are like children who have forgotten how to use our manners. We don’t understand anymore the concepts of honor, respect and polite deferral. Do we?

I have a friend who can tell me no while making it seem as though she is truly doing me a favor.

Honesty. So often used as an excuse for crassness and exposition of the flaws, failings and foibles of others or the public declarations of precious things meant to be kept private.

Pearls and swine.

Of course this is the way of the world. This is our “freedom of expression” which gives us the right to shout out whatever little globule of verbosity is dripping it’s way out of our collective consciousness.

I think of Eyre and the words from Pride & Prejudice. “I truly find him the most amiable man of my acquaintance” rather than, “That guy is so hot! I could so hit that.”

And the concepts of honor, dignity and respect. As one person acknowledges their privilege of increasing the reputation of another or of destroying that reputation all together.

We live in a time where we all too often see people as disposable. Crunch all you want, we’ll make more! But they aren’t, really. Each life is precious. Each person unique, worth hearing, listening to and offering the chance to make their own mark. Each voice necessary for the cacophony of humanity living, growing and existing.

And truthfully? While I too chuckle when I hear Sarah Palin stick it to the other party with her clever repartee I am bothered.

She is running for an office and has declared herself a woman of faith.

Are we really so shallow that we are more interested in how the candidates one up one another in interviewed snippets of talking head sound bites than we are in the quantifiable effort, ability to produce and the very slight possibility someone will oppose selling out our country to the highest bidder? Am I going to be a Palin fan because she’s quicker on the uptake, sticks it to the media and always has the sharp comeback?

In an era of dog eat dog what I wouldn’t give for some honor. Some dignity. Some grace.

Some elegant speech.

From any court.

Can it be December yet?