Dignity & Respect

November 6, 2011

What is dignity.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about who and what defines us.  Who “deserves” respect, who should be held accountable for their actions and, basically, what are we going to do about it?

Having dignity is being “worthy of respect, honor, and esteem”.  Respect is being held in high esteem and admired.

Quite obviously, dignity is how I behave and respect is what being dignified earns me.

This is how I define dignity and respect. 

Dignity is…

Dignity is not a social status or the entitlement of any one minority.  There is NO person on this planet who is incapable of choosing dignity over degradation.  

This dignity?  It is behavior and discipline which declares publicly that which defines me privately.  Only those who hold similar values in high regard will find my actions worthy of respect.  They will do so because respect? Is earned.

Respect happens when…
We listen
We consciously and carefully evaluate behavior instead of merely reacting to our ingrained personal prejudices and fears
We find the measure of a person not in their heritage, lifestyle, social standing or political leanings but in their integrity, dedication and the results of those personal investments.

I can’t force you to respect me any more than I can ask you to evaluate the behavior of a person you’ve never met.  You can’t demand that I hold you or your cause in high esteem if you fail to behave in a manner which merits that response.

I consciously choose to place my respect on those things which exhibit dignity.

I don’t care how much money your PAC has, how cool your commercials are or how widespread your cause may be, your message is lost when your participants act like cretins, your entitlement sucks the life from the very institutions it is deriding and the short sightedness of your vision leaves mayhem and misery in it’s wake.

  • Doom

    Most certainly. I will not respect a pig which can be clean but chooses the mud. I will not respect a man who chooses to act like an animal. Rejection is all I have, unless he is not satisfied being a degenerate. At that point, the law gives me the right to defend myself. What is wrong in America is degeneracy is considered a right, and we are supposed to go along with it. The bar has been lowered into slovenliness so as to make all equal. It has done nothing of the sort, it has merely pointed out to one and all that inequality is more true now than ever. The current acting president is a prime example.

    How do you turn your back on a whole nation? i don’t know exactly, but I am pondering it.