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Educating With A Bus Ticket, A Suitcase, & Prayer

October 1, 2014

So, this is kind of a break from my regular programming, but I thought you might enjoy hearing what our “school” looks like while we are travelling.   I mean I have an 11th grader and a 9th grader under my tutelage (I just said, “Toot.” My inner 7th grader just laughed out loud.)

First, the only set curriculum we are using is Teaching Textbooks for Math. One is in Geometry, the other in Algebra 1.   I am not gifted in the Maths so I am thrilled to let someone else do the lecture part.

The rest of our curriculum is dialogue based, reading books together, experience, self-directed, and location based with a bit of art thrown in for good measure.

homeschool shelf

My goals for my boys are a bit different from when we first looked at high school since our life has been turned upside down.

Goals for Isaac:

Building strong personal spiritual disciplines including personal study and prayer times. Encouraging and developing interest and passion specific skills like graphic design, photography, mastering photo editing software, media production, and writing.   Developing rhetorical dialogue skills as well as a course of study on logic and how to recognize and refute common fallacies.

Goals for Dillon:

Building strong personal spiritual disciplines including personal study and prayer times. Discovering and encouraging personal passions and specific skills like photography, speaking skills, developing strong dialectic patterns of observation and recognition of common logical fallacies, developing a skill in drawing, building a repertoire of computer and media production skills.

Our days include personal bible study, family devotional and prayer time alternately led by each of us, practicing waiting on the Lord and seeking Him, then math and some selected readings from a few books I brought with us.

books for school - Version 2

Cultural studies through Amusing Ourselves To Death by Neil Postman, poetry as we read 101 Famous Poems with a Prose Supplement , art by working through the book Drawing From The Right Side Of The Brain, and a book by Jonathan Cahn called The Mystery of the Shemitah: The 3,000-Year-Old Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future, the World’s Future, and Your Future! This last book is rocking our worldview and we can’t recommend it enough.

All the books are read a chapter, or segment, at a time and are followed by discussion and dialogue.

The boys are working on their media empire through their blog, International Brofari and are creating a podcast which is growing along with their skills, taking photos and creating galleries, writing essays about the thoughts crossing their minds, and one of them is even beginning a short story that is to be released in short segments as we go along the way.



We are also working on building our own little Keep In Touch projects with kind of a common theme under the name Stones On The Move (#stonesonthemove) through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and wherever else we think it might work to share what God is doing in us and, prayerfully, with us.

Bringing Brian into social media has been… Interesting.   He’s not really wired that way, but God is good and the boys are good teachers.

History? Science? Civics? Foreign language?

Those happen as we go about our daily jaunts into various historical areas, through meeting the people around us, and the occasional Internet search to seek out information on places we’ve been and people we are meeting.  Oh, and a bit of Rosetta Stone in Hebrew as we go.

I know there are gaps here and I have decided to Not Care.

As far as I can tell, there isn’t a single person in the past 6000+ years who has had a complete and comprehensive education of All Things by the time they left primary education. Did you? I know my education didn’t even really begin until I began to educate MYSELF in my late 20’s and early 30’s.  I’m still a maths moron even though I’m reading James Nickel’s book, Mathmatics: Is God Silent? to build my own understanding and perhaps even create a love for the logical arts myself.

Ultimately, our family goals are less about producing the Smartest Kids On The Planet who test well and our passion is more focused on guiding and encouraging these young men to become self-sufficient, confident, dynamic human beings capable of independent thought, functioning successfully in many different environments, and having within their toolbox the ability to teach themselves any new skill they may wish to master.

Besides, I get an entire year to be their Whole Wide World and they are among a very small and elite group of the Coolest People I’ve ever met.

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  • Shelda

    Love love love this. Um did I mention I love this? And also…I can’t love this enough. And a little bit of “you are one lucky and favored mama” and so are them boys 😉