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Farts R Funny

July 12, 2010

In our household, we attribute physical violence as an appropriate response to flatulence 84.5% of the time.  That’s for you, DMM

I can’t understand it, I can’t quantify it, but nasty, lingering, obnoxious farts make me angry.

Even if they are a result of the food I made for my menfolk.

But they’re still funny.

Farts that is.

  • Funny enough to make us ALL fall off our chairs laughing here at work…

    What a crack-up! Thanks Heidi – needed that (the laughs that is, not the farts)..

  • Doom

    You made my day. As I have been adding meals, like breakfast and lunch, and making those from beans, rice, and whole grains, I have been having guilty little pleasures and guilty little joys about those pleasures. It’s just good to have a full grown woman say it is okay, sort of.

    Ah, brings new meaning to that old song “Wind Beneath My Wings”, innit? Enjoy what you can, when you can. I have to think He added a little bit of this stuff just to keep us from becoming too… something… He is, after all, wise and the creator.

  • Doom,

    Yes! Exactly – I think our bodily functions help show God has a sense of humor. I think the one moment in which most of us are forced to ‘come down to earth’ is when we’re returning our waste to it. It doesn’t matter how fabulous you think you are – there’s no way you can maintain the facade of being a god among men when you’re sitting on the crapper.

  • I suppose the reason that we laugh is it feels funny! not to mention the sound. The smell I could do without.