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Finding Balance

August 29, 2009

There is a pain in remembering

And one in forgetting.

But a blessing in both.


It’s been a long time since we left that place but we have started to see Certain People a lot lately.   While trying to help my boys process that since we haven’t seen anyone in so long I’ve come up with the obvious solution.  At least to me…

Obviously G-d wants us to pray for them.

So that’s what we do.

Still…  These were people we had welcomed and  loved like family.  People who turned on us and caused us such pain.

And while we believe we have a Biblical mandate to not associate or affiliate ourselves with them,  seeing them is still more bitter than I am comfortable dealing with.

So we pray.  And pray.

For tender hearts toward the Lord and ears to hear Him.   We pray for His will, not ours to be done.    We hope for reconciliation but understand it is not ours to force or ours to create.

And we pray that our hearts would not be hardened.  Our spirits would not be bitter and that we would walk in righteousness toward them.

Even and especially when we think no one is looking.

  • Pablo

    Very well put.

  • Doom

    And a fine house you have. I merely hope to emulate such goodness when it is my turn. You may have no idea of the treasures you are building in heaven, but then, that isn’t your reasons. Just to have a humble happy civil right life. Thanks for the reminder.

  • momma dragon

    at first we merely cope –
    groping our way
    hope to survive

    then as our feet touch the sand
    we begin the process
    of moving on
    walking in forgiveness

    daily facing the challenge
    to do justly and
    walk humbly
    with our God

    not so easy
    just when we think
    we have overcome
    ouch – another hit from the blind spot

    the truth is
    we do heal and
    He walks with us
    every step of the way

    when we are stronger
    we help others
    who face the same pain and hurt
    find a way to move on and grow again.

  • Serena

    With that mindset, you will come through healed and shining with His glory. He does work all things together for good. You are a testimony of that.

    Love and shalom,

  • Serena, I hope so. I truly, truly do.

  • Joelle


    I entirely understand. You have made the harder choice, but the better choice. Good for you. 🙂