Finding Sabbath Rest

Finding Sabbath Rest: Finding The Untapped Power of What If

January 24, 2015

Walking… One step in front of another, the misty air goes in, clenching my sensitive lungs, then is forced out with a burst of white while the moisture in the air makes the curls that show under the red beret even more curly and tangled.

countrylaneSometimes I really enjoy the feels of hiding within and remaining stuck in the comfort and safety of the cozy walls carefully pulled up around me, myself, and the shakiness of I.

I didn’t want to walk that day. I didn’t want to put on the shoes or take the time to find somewhere new to me. I didn’t really want to have the conversations that happen while the body is moving and the mind opens up.

Yet, in spite of what I felt and the war inside, on went the pink and gray trainers,  the hair was tucked up in a cap, and we went for it.

romanwallsWe stepped out and walked on new roads, anticipating something bigger than what we found at home because Faith is like that.

Fellowship is like that. Living is like that.

It’s easy to get stuck in the snugness of what we know; it’s hard to get moving and find what lies beyond the ridge, the curve in the road.

What if a new friendship is a dead end or the church bible study is a dud with really boring people in it? What if I get out there and find I really should have stayed home.

roman temple

As each brick of Negative What If is placed neatly on top of the other, it isn’t long until we block ourselves into a convenient little prison cell and then wonder why we are so alone.

Why is it that only rarely do we apply the positive side of What If to where we are?  Wouldn’t that turn us all on upside down?

What if there’s someone amazing at that Bible Study that I will miss meeting if I don’t go?   What if I laugh so much at the trip to the zoo my face hurts?   What if that new church loves me so hard I find the belonging of family I’ve dreamed of for years?

What if there is so much more beyond my isolated, buttoned up, protected heart that the whole of me could not contain it and I’d just have to share it with everyone else. What if I turn into a Light Bringer?

What if by walking down a country lane with fuzzy light angling down through January’s dark, leafless branches, I find a country church that reminds me of the constancy of faith and peace settles over my ruffled soul-feathers like a whisper of the Holy Spirit’s love?

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Are you exploring the gift of What If today or are you using easy excuses to stay just the way you are.

Because, What If you have never seen the You that God has in store and it will take a walk of faith to get you there?

Leaning on Him,


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