Finding Sabbath Rest

Finding Sabbath Rest: I Give Up

January 10, 2015

I gave up this week.   Just flat out gave up.

I laid on my purple duvet in the room with the orange walls and, after a few choice words to the Creator of the Universe?


I gave up.

I admit, I pouted some too…  And that was when it hit me.

transformation corrected

Who do you think you are?  What have you been told to settle under and just stay in the role that has been defined FOR you?

Do you think you are “just”? Just a co-worker. Just a face in a crowd. Just a mom. Just a wife. Just a (fill in the blank).

Just a kid.

just me

You aren’t JUST anything. You are so much more than you ever thought you were.  God wants to unwrap you from the bondage of “just” and open your eyes to His vision for you.

But maybe, just maybe, you haven’t taken the time in all your years to figure out who that person in the mirror really is!

who  am i  really

So, in the spirit of transformation and getting out of God’s way –

I gave up.

And now? Now we wait…

isaiah 4031

Leaning on Him,


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