Finding Sabbath Rest

Finding Sabbath Rest: Learning to Abide

January 17, 2015

I’ve not heard a lot of talking about what it means to abide, so when this word popped up in our conversation this past week, I had to do a little digging to see what it really meant.

In Hebrew, the word ABIDE is יָשַׁב or ya-shab – to remain, to dwell, to inhabit.

This word means, “to sit” and is used in the manner of a judge sitting to pass judgment,  kings sitting on their thrones, or an army sitting down to take ownership and hold possession of something.

As Hebrew is a pictographic language where there is the obvious meaning of the combined letters and the meaning behind each of the pictures in the individual parts of each word.

Yud = hand/work/grasp

Shin = teeth/sharp/press/eat

Beit = family/house/dwelling

To “abide” can be interpreted to be “where you eat and work” – Home.

to abide

So, let’s look at this verse again.

“Be HOME in me and I will be HOME in you.  As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it is HOME in the vine, neither can you, unless you are HOME in me.”

As a traveler for this season, where the longest I have a warm, safe place to live and dwell is measured in weeks, not months and years, the thought of finding HOME within the life of our Saviour is quite appealing.

So, today, after I finally “gave up”, now I am encouraged to ABIDE and find a home within our Faithful Saviour.  It feels good to have that piece of quiet in my soul.   Do you need some peace?  Maybe you need a HOME?

Where do you ABIDE?

Leaning on Him,





  • elaine moore

    Good words for thought! Just last week Bro Gordon Mallory referred to a scripture and talked on these same lines! The scripture was 1 chron. 4:1 and his message was “what praise will produce!” Talking about what each name in the scripture meant and applying it to our lives and asking us about what our own praise towards God and each other will produce so it won’t hinder or block to grow closer to God and saying that life is too short to hold spiritual grudges. We need to praise more in our worship to further the kingdom of God and bring in lost souls! It was very good food for thought! God is good and faithful and He is coming for His people very soon! Blessings! Hugs! ♡♡

    • AMEN! Love those thoughts! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and for your encouragment!

      Love you, H

  • Birdie

    Beautifully said, as always!