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Finding Sabbath Rest: Sacred Space

February 7, 2015

There aren’t many believers who take the time to realize they are not just part of the church, but are, in point of fact, THE church themselves.

It’s easy for us to see sacred spaces all over this land as Wales has, for millenia been a haven for those of faith.


Christianity has deep, deep roots here among the druid’s holy places and Celtic ceremonial groves. The message of a Jewish Messiah is nestled within old, old stone churches and the beauty of tilted tombstones are engraved with messages like, “United in Eternity” and “Those Whom God Loved”.


Yet, not disregarding the sheer beauty of the longevity of faith,  it is not the stones or the history which make the spaces sacred.  The many prayers, the sacrificial giving, the tears shed over tiny coffins… The appeals of the faithful and the hope of the broken wove together a tapestry of faith that survived the Normans, Elizabeth I, the Victorians, and led to the Welsh Revival.



But, no matter how beautiful these places of worship are, no matter the history or the purpose found in each hallowed object, these are not the temple of the Spirit of the Living God.

You are.


How do you care for the Holiest of Holy – Kodesh Kodeshim – places within where the Spirit of God dwells?  What other things have you allowed beyond the solemn curtain and onto those hallowed stones where shoes are not worn; for it is Holy Ground.

Do you find the quiet to be empty and confusing after the constant movement of earning your worth?   How do you prove to God you are worthwhile without the accolades and ticked boxes?

…Within the Temple of the Spirit of a Living God..

Leaning on Him,


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