Finding Sabbath Rest: The Gift of Silence

February 28, 2015

When the boys were little, I was often overwhelmed by the constant questions of “Why” and “Who” and declarations of “It’s his fault” or “It’s not me!” that followed us around like extra children in little footie pajamas.

Both of my sons are gifted in the art of talking. Who knows where that came from?IMG_0033


So, anyhow, I haven’t had much silence in my life for, well, the past 21 years, bare minimum.   Their dad’s a big talker too…

When quiet would come, it wasn’t long before it would turn into a nap. To be honest, even now, when they are 15 and 17 I still find myself drawn to nap when there is a few minutes of quiet.

Quiet = Zzzzzz….

But, today, while thinking about this article and doing some research on Facebook to further understand my own point I realized something after the 3rd or 4th animal video…

All the noise keeps me in a state of constant emotional upheaval.

It’s the voices of people on the other side of the phone, email, internet argument.  Even the faces across the dinner table adds to a constant stimulation that is keeping me on what feels like “High Alert”.


Sappy videos prompts the weepy.   Slaughter of the innocent brings anger, even righteously, it still has a toll on my soul.   Victimization of children rips my heart in two.   The marriage of friends dissolving in a puddle of vitriolic rage makes my gut feel empty and hollow.

Even the facepalming to what passes for controversy like “What Color Is This Dress?” has a required response from my somewhat tattered mental and emotional state.

Disbelief. Frustration. Exasperation.  All the feel.  All the time.


The world doesn’t care if you are tired or if your heart is empty or if your “Give a Darn” is broken.   It will still demand and DEMAND that you react, respond, give more of yourself.

Why do you need silence in your life? Why does the discipline of silence matter?

Silence is where the deep well of You begins to be refilled. Recharged.   Replenished.

Finding the blessing of silence isn’t about disengaging from the world it is about making the choice to engage when you can and choosing to find the Feast of Meditation (not medication, yo) within the stillness.

And by silence?

I don’t mean writing endlessly in a journal. Reading 100 Psalms.   Drawing another picture.

Those have their place in the meditative process. But for now?

We are tired of all of it and it’s time to sit on the bench, the one under the tree, and watch light sparkle through the leaves.   It’s time to really hear the birds and enjoy their chatter. It’s time to be still.

Knots unwind. Your soul will remember how to breathe. Ripples will settle on the surface of life and, before you know it?

You might even catch a reflection of who you really are.

It’s time to be silent.

Be Still 2.jpg

 Leaning on Him,