September 23, 2009

There’s a fire around here somewhere and the smoke is so thick it’s almost like fog.   It’s making me NUTZ!!!

And did I mention, C.R.A.N.K.Y!

  • Doom

    Where is the fire? I guess I am not sure about that unless I missed something. A forest fire nearby or such? This has been bugging me but I hoped someone else would ask. And, yeah, I can see why it would bug you! It freaks me out way over here!

  • I confess. The smoke is probably wafting up from our place. We burned something in the kitchen last night badly enough to make eyes water. 😉

  • There are two large fires in Oregon… Hope all is well at the pebble household!

  • Oh we’re fine. It’s just socked in with smoke and it gives me a nauseating, throbbing, eye-reddening headache.

    And it’s the smoke from the two fires south of here that I just heard had the audacity to MERGE!

    Le sigh.