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March 14, 2014


How I feel in crowds

There aren’t many large group events I enjoy.  At the end of the day, this is my crowd.  My sons, my husband, the little dog, and sometimes, if he feels like it, the cat.

boy1 crowd eit

boy2crowd edit


And most of the time that is enough.  I know I should gather more faces into my crowd but, frankly, faces are scary.

And unpredictable.

Yesterday, the 14 year old, in a characteristically insightful moment, suggested that I am so intensely introverted at this point in my life because I have been surrounded by so many untrustworthy people in my life.

As he is a blazing extrovert in all of his sparkle and charm, I couldn’t help but wonder if he finds people so marvelous because he hasn’t been surrounded by the unkindness of humanity.

That makes me smile.  That warms my cynical little heart.

That gives me hope.

I have some issues with too many people in my world.  The anxiety gets overwhelming and the clenched fists, tense shoulders, heart racing ugliness of it will successfully hem me in to the comfort and safety of my red blanket and sage green couch.

But, maybe, just maybe, if my crowd can show me how to find the joy in their crowd, maybe we can do this?



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  • I’m not overly happy with crowds either – I like to sit on the edge and watch. I do know only too well that you aren’t alone in your reaction. Maybe the world needs edge people as well as middle of the crowd people.

  • Hi there! Hopping over from FMF and your recent comment on my blog 🙂 you have a gorgeous home! I too get anxious with crowds, it is so hard to even open a tiny bit of myself! It does help however, to have my children around who are so social and so opposite of who I am. They are great teachers and what wisdom to have God give them to us 🙂

  • wendy

    I hear you, Miss Heidi. I have a very social job and like to spend my time off with one human and three dogs. That’s my pack::)