Five Minute Friday

FMF – Remember

March 21, 2013

Five Minute Friday



There is a bittersweet to the memories.  A lurch in time as we stop our present to linger in the past; languid summer days, holidays shared, road trips finished roll over the palate of our mind like so many drops of fine wine.

The first kiss.  The first heart ache.  The last kiss.  The ultimate goodbye.

We want so much to hold on to every thing, every second of each moment, while all too often, only the brightest height or the deepest pain is captured and held tightly within locked chests of a heritage too precious to share.  To important to keep buried within the folds of our own lives alone.

I write to remember more than my own life and to hold on to shared stories entrusted to me by myself in my own becoming and shyly hidden within the sobs of broken women.   There are tales waiting to be captured as they warmly drape themselves across our shoulders in the languid, oft repeated stories of grandmothers and sprinkled around like confetti in the incomprehensible syllables of giggling children  I am compelled to hold onto the tender dreams of hopeful families.  Those tiny steps toward glory chronicled so that we might see how much we all have in our common identity.

I write  to be remembered for thoughts outside the realm of day to day responsibilities and the steady, onward plodding of a simple life.

Remember.  So that one day, I, too, will not be forgotten.


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