May 14, 2008

You know, I’m addressing some heavy issues right now, but I really don’t want to leave the impression that my husband and I are drowning in a sea of misery and depression.

That’s not what freedom looks like.

Freedom looks like Saturday morning devotions with 2 kids (8 & 10) that last for 2 1/2 hours. With everyone engaged. Freedom looks like spontaneous worship times where I play and sing while my husband and boys dance around the living room until we are all exhausted. Freedom looks like more joy than seems possible for one person to contain.

Freedom means being able to recognize bondage again and being unwilling to allow even the smallest encroachment into my life. And taking assertive steps to prevent it.

Freedom means seeing an entire city full of people who are beautiful and lovely and created in the image of Adonai, Who loves them. Freedom is what drives me to talk to as many as I can about a Wonderful Father and hope. Freedom means having the time to go out to breakfast with a dear friend and not have pressure of pleasing the unpleaseable (I know it’s not a word) bearing down on me.

Freedom is knowing I am available to friends I haven’t seen in 3+ years and knowing I don’t have to dodge around the “how is your…” questions but knowing I have the peace to answer honestly, graciously and sweetly.

Freedom means sleeping deeply and not being agitated. All the time.

And this freedom comes with peace. I have the peace to not be afraid of who I might bump into at the store, peace to answer or not answer the phone.

This is our freedom, our peace, our joy. This is where we are living.

We are kept “in the Beloved” and this is good. We are in a sweet, sweet place. G-d is faithful, G-d is precious and His Word sustains us.

Now, where He’s taking us?

We don’t have a clue! We’re just hanging on and enjoying the ride.