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Friday Fun

May 30, 2008

Quote of the week:

“A new mattress will not help a guilty conscience rest.”


Spilled olive oil on the kitchen floor will make your kitchen into something closely approximating an ice skating rink… Up side? The dog provides hours of entertainment. Or at least 10 minutes.

You might be a redneck if:

You understand the dress code difference between Walmart and the Dollar Store.

Have a great weekend folks!


On the day I make a bold decision to make Much Better Choices regarding food choices… I GET A FREE BEAR CLAW at the donut shop where I had taken the boys as their super-duper cleaning effort…. I purchased a black coffee. So… Are free donuts a blessing or a curse?

  • How pray tell does one get more casual than Wal-Mart? PJs? I am at a total loss. this person obviously has not shopped at WallyWorld at say midnight. there are some freeky people there at night, and I am not talking about the customers.

  • Redneck? Ya think? I think so… She must be a hideous sight! (as opposed to a Heidious sight which is quite the opposite)

  • Rednecks do not have a dress code. Rather, they wear the same thing to a wedding (unless they are in it) that they would wear to Walmart.

    Free donuts once: blessing.
    Free donuts all the time: curse