January 7, 2008

I just spent some time reading a blog (who shall remain nameless because I am shallow and petty) and I have determined that I am…..


As in white socks and Reeboks with a denim skirt boring.   Page boy haircut and turtleneck sweater tucked into polyester pants boring.  Macaroni & cheese from the discount store boring.   STD TV commercial boring.    Manic on medication boring.   Virgin margarita boring.  Vanilla ice cream without sprinkles boring.   Champagne with no bubbles boring.

Need I say more?

  • Oh, you must mean my blog. I am so sorry that your reading about all my adventures and exploits and whatnot have bummed you out. Know that I didn’t intend for that to happen!

    But honestly, EVERYONE’S life is “boring” There are moments of chaos, moments of fun and LOTS AND LOTS of time in between managing the house, the affairs and the expenses that go along with that pesky thing we call living. And it is all those boring mundane moments that define what character we have (or don’t have) It is easy to live up to the moment, but it is how we respond in the everyday things that is important and makes us who we are. And those times are what make us lovable (or not) and worthwhile/desirable to be around.

  • Doom

    Perhaps, if you insist. Two little things though. First, I do would not describe you as boring. Though defining boring might help, so that you are I could find a more appropriate term. I think, when someone says something is boring, or I find something boring, that the real issue is personal one. If I am bored, it is because I either am not or cannot pay attention to whatever it is that is happening which I might blame as boring (say a program, a conversation, or a person). Or, there is a communication problem. Speaking with children can be “boring” because we do not understand each other. You are not boring, and I certainly understand you. Or, I think I do.

    As well, you have had a great deal go on in your life. You have thought about these things. You have made mistakes when trying to cope with these things. And you have, it would seem settled many of your grievances with life and now lead a rather good life. I just cannot call that boring.

    Well, that is just me. But, I am boring, so what can I say! *smirks* Oh, I finally fixed your link on my blog. Do you have a means of allowing a preview with this new blog system? I wouldn’t bother you, but… it eases the process a bit.

  • Oh, whatever! That’s not true. You’re just insecure. We all love your posts, even the ones about schizophrenic Christmas songs. 🙂

  • Jason….


    You know me so well. But this other person was so completely hilarious! And witty and insightful and smart, and and and…

    Is there such a thing as a blog crush?

    But in a totally non-sexual, appropriate manner which does not reflect poorly on the crush-er or the crush-ee?

    Doom, even the most exhilarating thing can become routine. I just don’t like being predictable. Which, in turn, makes me very predictable.

    Erik, anyone’s life looks better than mine. Well, I seriously don’t think a girl could do any better than the Mr. and those boys… THey are a dream come true. But, the LIFESTYLE of insanity we have over here.

    That leaves a lot to be desired.

    I could inspire you all with the lists I compulsively write. Oh, the atmosphere is simply redolent with anticipation.

  • If you’re so boring then I must be REALLY bored! 😉

  • The grass is always greener on the other side of the internet. You are NOT boring!! You are honest, charming, funny and sweet. Take that.

  • Serena

    Well, I might be boring, but I could use a boring life right now. I’ve decided a boring life is preferable. I’m wondering if it is equated with a quiet and peaceful life. After all we are commanded to pray and seek to have a quiet and peaceful life. I hope my life becomes boring for a while at least!

    Love and shalom,

  • I love you too, Heidi darling.