August 1, 2008

I’m thinking of renaming Pebble 2 to “The Comedian”.  The kid is funny!!!

Yesterday evening we were driving around looking at car lots and realizing how incredibly STUPID the whole game is, how much we enjoyed visiting after they were closed and we stumbled upon a lot that wasn’t…

Pebble 1 is saying” Breaker Niner, we got a bogey on our tail.  Use evasive manuevers.”  And that was funny enough.   Until Pebble 2 decides to chime in and says, “Breaker 9, we’ve got a boogie on the table…”

THen this evening, as we sat at a park downtown I mentioned how strong Pebble 1 is.  The kid is 10 and has some nice muscle mass.  He’s really strong!   He’s even got pecs.  As we were discussing this, Pebble 2 who is tall and wiry came up to his broad shouldered bigger brother and complained that he didn’t have “techs”… This led to an entire joke about what “tech support” might be.

We laugh a lot these days.   🙂  Summer is good.

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