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Had A Case of the Mondays Today

March 18, 2014

Had a full-blown Monday today.

Woke up eager to begin some spring projects.  Sat on the couch to “check Facebook” for a few minutes and totally fell asleep.

Lame. Sauce.

Woke up an hour later, mentally scrambled and behind, to a messy house, dishes stacked in the kitchen and everyone’s hungry.

Mom fail. #IDontWantToBeInChargeAnymore

My husband, bless his sweet heart, threw out his back epically bad.  I mean like, “Honey, help me button my pants because I am holding on to the wall for dear life because if I fall, I will NOT be getting up again.” kind of bad.

So, there was that.

And then the kids…. Dear Sweet Moses in a Bulrush Basket, the teens who know everything.

The kind of conversations where they argue but aren’t arguing while they are arguing about not arguing until my brain hurts and I want to just make them sit in a corner until they are 30.

Somebody ground me.  Please.

ground me please