The Great HAIKU Challenge, again…..

May 8, 2008

Proof of existence
A life breathing and living
Too busy to clean

Mail, books and receipts
Life’s pocket lint displayed here
Scattered on a shelf

Smiley face collage
3 receipts and a magnet
My ‘fridge shows my life

One day little shoes
Will disappear in this house
I will miss their mess

Yes, once again it is HAIKU time at Sparrows!
The haiku in bold is part of the competition… Go vote for me and Sparrow will send a Deluxe Care Package to some lucky soldier currently serving. If you have someone to nominate, when I win, I will use their name as I don’t currently have a soldier of my own to spoil… Hm… I don’t think I said that right..

  • AJW308

    The first time I voted for you out of loyalty. It was not an action that rested well on my conscience.

    This time my heart, mind, and conscience were all one as I clicked your name. Clearly an outstanding poem, far greater then the sum of it’s words. Though I believe only a parent could see that.

  • Ajw,

    It was not an action that rested well on my conscience.

    You have character that is a blessing. I’m glad this jumble of consonants resonated better. 🙂

  • Beautiful!!! Happy Mother’s Day, Heidi; be blessed.