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Happy Father’s Day

June 15, 2008

The father of my children is engaged in the lives of his children, interested in their lives, invested in their spiritual development and motivated to raise G-dly men. As much as he is able. He is a “hands on” dad who rarely gets angry and will spend hours talking with the boys on many subjects. Even if those subjects are light years beyond their little boy minds. This has encouraged their development and strength of character more than I ever imagined it could. They sparkle when he invests that time in them.

He encourages independent thought but always requires obedience to whatever the Word says, if it addresses that particular situation. And if it doesn’t? He will ask them to pray with him.

He is kind and strong and does his best to be fair. He is loads of fun, too.

He is the spiritual leader in our home, without question, but won’t let us quietly sit by and let him lead. He seeks out our input and our involvement in the spiritual direction and function of our family.

My husband is an amazing dad.

So, today? He gets anything he wants PLUS cigars! 🙂

Blessings to the rest of you great dads out there.

  • How wonderful to hear a wife and a mom appreciate her man!

    I got spoiled with a steak dinner. Gotta love THAT!

  • Anonymous

    I’m more curious about the “anything he wants” being fulfilled 😉