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September 10, 2008

Not really, but I just wanted a title with “heart”…

Dad goes in on Friday to schedule his triple-bypass heart surgery… Must.Not.Freak.Out.

80-90% blockages.

At least now we know why he’s been feeling so weird, eh?

Any prayers his way would be appreciated.



All good news!!!

  • Morris

    He will certainly have my prayers, Heidi.

  • Praying!

  • Done

  • Big Cat

    On the way.

  • Prayers on the way.

    I’m glad it is something that can be operated on.

  • k

    Me too.

    It’s amazing how well patients do with bypasses these days. My guy had a triple almost two years ago, and he’s still doing well. The surgery itself went fine. They all act like it’s No Big Deal any more.

    It still is. It’s nervewracking for those of us who sit and wait for someone we love to come through.

    So, yeah. I’m sending them up for him.

    And for you, too.

  • heidi

    Thanks everyone! We are hoping for a complete healing. Even with a great deal of blockage my Dad is the Energizer Bunny. He may be UNBELIEVABLY obnoxious after he recovers.

    We are so looking forward to that. 🙂

  • I’m sending up prayers as well for a speedy recovery!

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  • k

    heh! As long as they’re being obnoxious, you know they’re still kickin’.

  • funnyfunnygalssis

    I Shall be Praying, for dad, and you as well!

  • Ted

    We hear, we lift and believe, and God does what we cannot.
    May He comfort and protect you.

  • Chrisntx

    Saying lots of prayers for you and your family today.

  • Chrisntx

    Saying lots of prayers for you and your family today.