Sublimly Ridiculous

Heidi’s Thought For 2Day

May 10, 2011

I am secure enough in my sexuality to not need to mention it at every awkward moment that presents itself.

Wouldn’t it be great if the gay/lesbian/transgendered/inflatabledoll brigade did too?

I don’t want to know what turns you on.  Or who.  Or why.  Or who knows and who doesn’t.

I don’t care.

And it would bless me if this obsession with sharing all your sexual proclivities and dirty laundry in a 20 second spot before doing ANYTHING would just stop.

It doesn’t make you look more viable as a contender.  It makes you look pathetic.   As though the sum total of your value lies in the brief period of time it takes to engage in sex and not the far greater amount of time it takes to develop character, talent and abilities.


And large, bald, lotsa piercings woman with many tattoos?  I know you feel empowered and stuff but you look ugly.  And I’d say you were ugly even if you weren’t screaming “girl power”.

Just sayin’.