Hello, anybody out there?

July 24, 2007

Sitemeter tells me my traffic is the same, but apparently I’m boring you all to tears… Well, I can’t be entertaining all the time!

Conversations while doing errands with the Big Son.

The Son: I’m drinking like a fish today! Mom? Do fish drink? Do they get thirsty?

Me: *stumped* I have no idea! Do you think whales get thirsty?

The question is still up for discussion as I would love to have an answer.

Then this…

The Son: Mom, if I were Jimmy Nuetron I would build a machine to turn me into a superhero! But I’m not sure which super power I’d want. Which super power would you have?

Mom *thinking about recent events* I’d like the ability to not care what anyone thinks about me!

The Son: But you aren’t allowed to have superpowers that only benefit yourself, they have to be good for at least two more people.

(I interject to inform you I had no idea there were such rules regarding the dispersment of supernatural abilities, but now we all know. And don’t forget it next time you are imagining a new ability you’d like to have!)

Mom: Hm… Ok, well then I’d like to have the super power where everyone likes me!

The Son: That’s the same thing! You’re still thinking about yourself only! Besides, you already have that power!

Mom: *almost crashes grocery getter in attempt to stifle cynical and hysterical laughter* Oh baby, as long as you, your dad and your brother like me I’m doing as good as I can hope for!

The Son: Mom, duh!

Ahh! Good times! Good times!