I am from

February 18, 2010

Got this over at Jen’s at Diaryof1.

Love this little poem template. Give it a shot, if you are interested…


I am from afghans, from Rice A Roni and oversized dining room tables

I am from the red farm house, the coal bin and the smell of alfalfa fresh cut in July sun. Green and brown, black and warm.

I am from the timothy grass, the wild rose and the sandstone pillar. The sage brush, the african violet and Mystic Lake. Each surviving against impossible odds.

I am from songs and strong opinions. From Jacob & Alvina, MerleAvo & Lee. Billy & Eva.

I am from laughter and lengthy conversation and music. Piano, clarinet, four part harmony.

From work smarter not harder and the best thing that ever happened.

I am from exhuberant faith, a passion for truth and a journey that spans generations.

I’m from wide open skies and old European values. Of kneplah and pancakes on Saturday morning.

From the Great Depression, a cross country trip on a bus with chidren, a nickel and a bag of oranges. From the ironworker, and the preacher.

I am from an island, a dusty country hill and orange family pictures with bonnets. From an orphanage’s grandfather clock, Ellis Island and Oklahoma beans and cake on Grandma’s stove.

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  • Wonderful! I enjoyed your poem. I’ll post your link at Chrysalis.


    e-Mom @ Chrysalis