In conclusion…

July 18, 2008

I have a story to tell, as part of this process I am going through and then I’m going to close the doors here. Space for rent, sayanara. Dasvedanya. This partly to close the door on a chapter in my life, partly to intentionally and pointedly exclude some parties from intruding into my life and partly because Pebblechasing is not really what it used to be. 🙂 Time for a new beginning.

But before I go and without further ado, I shall tell you the story of the last few years of my life… As told from the only perspective I have. My own. There may be folks who won’t believe me, think I’m “exaggerating” or being unkind. Not my problem. I will be as honest about my own failings in this scenario as I plan to be in regards to the failings of others.

I most definitely will never be the same after enduring the “ministry” from certain individuals in the last several years. I hope to recover a semblance of equilibrium in time. I’m just not sure how much time.

And then, after a reasonable period of time, Pebblechaser will fade into oblivion. And something “new” will be born. It’s in conception at the moment…  As Dad says, “DEO volente”… As G-d wills.

Hold onto your hats!

  • Heidi, I look forward to the last of the pebblechasing. Some might beg and plead with you not to go.

    For my part, I hope that you have chased and gathered enough pebbles now that you can build a fortress that is safe and secure from those who would try to tear you down yet easily accessible to those who are privileged to hold the key.

    I picture a stark English castle on the outside and a lush, botanical wonder on the inside.

  • Morris

    Heidi, you’ve got to do what is growthful for yourself. God is obviously leading you in a different direction. I’m looking forward to what you have to say in parting the ‘sphere.

  • momma dragon

    hmmm, I hope this means you’ll have more time to write me instead.

    I love hearing from you and there is a lot to be said for private emails interaction as opposed to public domain.
    love and stuff……..

  • funnyfunnygalssis

    I am glad you have enjoyed Pebblechaser for a time. And I will certainly miss checking in with you via this blog!

    I am sorry that you are being chased, but glad to see you are not running away. I hope what ever you are able to share before shutting down, brings you some closure.

    It’s been a joy!

  • Wuss.

  • Serena

    I entirely understand. I had to shut down this last year and don’t know it I’ll get something going again or not, yet. I did buy a domain name on sale really cheap so I won’t feel bad if I don’t use it.

    I emailed you the other day but it was at the email that I had before, not much different from this one. I tried this one, but it did not go through. Now that looks like an email blip instead of a permanent thing since you just put this up as a viable email. I really would like to keep in touch, even if it is sporadically.

    We are going through our own stuff here, too, in the realm of “ministry.” We are stepping back. We’ve been through it before and we sure don’t want any positions or authority ourselves. We’ve just been privileged to “see” what is going on. My husband went to the person that G-d showed him something and that person is set in what they are doing. What do you do? I guess pull back and hunker down as a family is the only thing right now. We have gained some relationships in the midst of it all and even if it all blows up, I hope we still have those relationships. All I know is that Father is in the midst of it and still on His throne. May He heal your hearts with His balm and fill you with shalom and joy. I know I certainly need it myself right now.

    Love and shalom,

    PS – I visit sporadically and will do a lot of backreading to catch up but I am clear across the country from you. I hate being stalked. I don’t blame you in the slightest for “closing up shop.”

  • Don’t you just love Bane?

    Do what you gotta do, and like the others around here, I’ll “see” you when I see you on the internet. You have been a joy to read. God bless.

  • Good for you. Be healthy. I couldn’t have stood it this long, knowing some creep was stalking me. Call me a wuss if you will, but there are limits to keeping my sanity. Well, I suppose some creep could be stalking me and I’ll never know it, because I’ve looked at my blog stats possibly twice in the past year and a half!!

    G-d Bless You much.

  • I know I rarely say anything (quiet guy and all). But you will be missed Heidi. It’s always a joy to read here.