Faith & Encouragement

In Which Heidi Receives An Education

July 12, 2009

I know better.

Much of the time when life presents its, um, challenges to me I know better.

But still make the wrong choices.

Cheesecake or watermelon.


Sleep in or exercise?

Seriously?   You are asking me this questions?

But sometimes I do make the right choices.  Here are two.   One happened over 3 years ago and bore fruit just a couple of days ago.

Episode 1:

FOUR years ago I am in the big green Dodge truck,  I have a 7 year old boy and a 5 year old boy with me as we doggedly finish the grocery shopping.  I remember it being a muggy,  cranky type day.   The kind of day where the Mr. and I spatted all day long and I had gone to the store to pick up something for an apology dinner.   Halibut.

As I backed out of my parking space in the cramped lot I felt the thud and heard a crunch.

The boys were busy with drinks and snacks, nobody was around and I was so very sorely tempted to just drive away.

But instead?  I looked back into the rearview mirror and imagined the kind of men I wanted my children to be and the kind of example I wanted to be for them.

Then I let out a lengthy, frustrated sigh and wrote down my information on a napkin, looked at the damage, and left the note on their windshield.

The Mr. was less than pleased and I hoped against hope they would not call.   But they did and our insurance rates went up for the “incident” and four years later who thinks about such things, huh?

Until last Tuesday, 7/7,  when I was almost hit twice in the same parking lot by blithering idiots who didn’t look before hitting reverse.

As I’m driving, oh so carefully, through the minefield of distracted drivers my now 11 year old says, “Mom, I wonder if these are the kind of people who would leave their information?  You know like you did so that we were able to take care of hitting that one car that one time?”

And I smiled.

It was the right thing to do.  The little guys really are watching us and learning.   Whatever it is we are doing.

Episode 2:

We have a young couple in our lives who are young in their faith and in the practice of G-dly marriage.   Sometimes their struggles bleed over and sometimes I get overwhelmed.

Thursday my husband emphatically refused to listen to my well-intentioned advice,  took the reins and prevented me from giving more than I was able to give.

I fought him.   I do that.  But I gave in.

And he was so right to take that stand.  I let him protect me.  I should do that more often.

The good news?   Well, I didn’t  fight as LONG as I used to or as hard.

C’mon that’s worth something? Right?

Life is a series of events that require our attention.   My question is do we build on successes or on failures?

I don’t know about you, but the kind of house I build on failure isn’t much of a house!  While the successes may be small, they do stand the test of time.

  • You’re doing it right. The lesson for the boys is that doing the right thing is hard. Most of the time, doing the right thing always is. It’s worth it.