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In Which Heidi Waxes Political…

May 6, 2010

Ok.   I’ve finally been able to put into words what my issue is.  Well, one of my issues.   And it’s a fairly small nutshell since that is about as much credibility as I can give to politics/politicians, etc these days.

So, here’s the deal.   We have a President for whom I have very little excitement.  This is not news.   His agenda, political bent and policies do not reflect mine.   In fact, they are Through The Looking Glass jabberwocky backwards from where I am.  This is also not news.

But here’s what my problem is with the current administration and the direction the grand ‘ol USofA is going.   Barack Obama’s candidacy, election and 1 1/2 years in office have been rocked with controversy after inquiry after scandal after “crisis” and I’ve just failed to see how all of this chasing of our tails is productive?  I don’t care who started the current financial fiasco but bailouts to big companies and raised taxes on small business (read ME) didn’t help.   At. All.  Endless debates about appointes, czars and a disturbing trend of bowing to foreign dignitaries as though we are somehow less than them while basically handing the keys to the Treasury to China?  Ewwww.  I mean.  Seriously.

I have no opinion about Barack Obama the man.  I don’t care what his faith system is, his personal relationships and his love life with his wife.  I’m neither inspired nor enraged.  I don’t know him.

But as the duly elected POTUS?  He seems to be a “wag the dog” so the big boys can keep their hands in the cookie jar and give the conservative right something to get whipped into a frenzy about while those who support him are distracted from issues at hand by a disturbing personalization of any “attacks” on him, real or imagined.

Where’s the news coverage on Tennessee?   Is nobody mentioning that BP has paid MILLIONS to the DNC and gave thousands to his presidential campaign?    How is blithely celebrating Cinco de Mayo (yes, another party at the White House) when the illegal immigration fiasco is ruining California and leeching resources from many other states productive?   But I was appalled at the vulgarity of the President Of The United States when he used the term “teabaggers” to reference the tea party movement.  A movement of citizens in the country he was elected to serve.   A movement largely comprised of middle-income families, retired people and small business owners?   Sweet Moses in a basket!!! Where’s all this “respect” that is so harshly demanded of anyone who dares to state they don’t entirely like where this administration is headed? The wailing and gnashing of teeth when anyone dares to oppose or ridicule the sitting administration.   Because the 8 years before Obama were filled with the kindness and tolerance of those holding opposing views… Right?  Oh, wait… Maybe not.  If I had a dollar for every “BUSHIT” bumper sticker I saw 3 years ago I’d be driving a better car.   And that’s just a teensy glimpse.   Respect is supposed to be a 2 way street, isn’t it?

Get a grip.

Is Freedom of Speech only a right when you’re putting crap in a jar and calling it Art or can we stretch it so far as to include religious, conservative, heterosexual, homeschooling housewives with keyboards stating they would like the country to be united, somehow, and headed toward a more positive outcome for all of us?   It’s kind of like that tolerance stuff isn’t it…   I tolerate your beliefs and you oppose mine and then call me intolerant.

Gay marriage?  Couldn’t care less.  Really.  But then I don’t think that a religious, spiritual and moral decision between two consenting adults has any place being litigated and legislated by suits in DC.  Want a partnership?  Don’t care.   Name anyone you want to get health benefits on your plan.   You pay for it?  You should be able to get the coverage you desire.   Equal rights?   We’re all humans.   Treat each person with the respect you would like to receive.  Work hard.   Melanin levels?  Irrelevant.  Education?   I educate myself and my children.   Out of my own pocket.  My own, very limited, mostly lint-filled pocket.  Why should I pay for yours?   You don’t contribute for mine.  Grandma told me that you tend to value more that which you have had to personally earn and pay for.  It’s called ownership.    And it’s a foreign concept to the Marxist-Leninist philosophy.

My morality is based on the tenets of my faith.  A conservative, Judeo-Christian belief system which is founded upon my understanding and adherence to the Truth found in the Bible and supplemented by the testimony of millions down through centuries.  If you call the Bible your fundamental cornerstone of faith?  Then we can talk about morality from this common ground and I will challenge behavior that does not line up with the call to righteousness that is required from any follower of Christ.  If, however, you do not base your faith on the Bible I gladly support your freedom to live as your conscience dictates.   If I don’t base my morality and spirituality on what you do, it would be so cool if you’d just leave me alone and afford me the same regard.  Wouldn’t it?

If you feel generous?   Give!  Until you are just exhausted with your own level of philanthropy.   Please respect the fact that I may not have the same belief that it is my responsibility to pay for the same things over which you may feel passionate.   In this case, “no” really does mean “no” not “May I have another?”

I think everyone should earn their place in the world not be given a shoe in because of some ridiculous quota.   Earn. It.   Study hard, work hard.  Excel.  It’s how things were done for millenia.

Yes.  There are racists and bigots and idiots of all kinds all over the world.  But while advocating for and creating legislation to squish opposing view points may seem like fun at the time?   But it’s a sword that cuts both ways.   You know, all fun and games until you realize that you just eliminated your own ability to move and act freely because you worked so diligently to impede the movement and actions of another.    Check. Mate.

There.   Feeling much better now.

  • Some days I feel enraged. Other days I am rather ashamed to admit that I feel an excited lift in my spirit at the prospect of the world going up in flames, figuratively speaking.

  • Wow. Not sure if I should applaud loudly or just shout “amen”. Maybe both are a bit appropriate here.