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May 16, 2008

I was feeling fat today, so I went to Walmart.  Figured at the very least I wouldn’t be the chubbiest girl in the room.

I like a sure thing.

But what was cool was seeing people.  These are the Real Folks of my home town, not the primped up prima donnas who live down town and ride their $1000 “vintage” bikes around town and dine at all the swanky restaurants.

This town where I live has gone from friendly to fab, dahling in less than a decade and I gotta tell you it’s nauseating.

Oh well…

Isn’t it weird the things people do when they are insecure?   Fat people eat when they feel insecure about their size.  Anorexics starve themselves for the exact same reason.   Dumb people talk and smart people get quiet.  Children stumble, adults fidget.

We are all a bunch of insecure weirdos.   Bumbling along.

But that’s one reason I don’t wear button down shirts.   My insecure/nervous twitch?   I fiddle with buttons.

I once unbuttoned an entire shirt before I realized what I was doing.  Yeah, that didn’t go so well.   Definitely didn’t help.   But the ensuing humiliation did indeed get my mind off of being nervous…

No reason for this post.  No real point.   Just making observations.

  • Wow, I bet THAT was awkward!

  • As awkward as you can imagine…. And then some.

  • I like the new blog template. It’s almost as fancy-schmancy as your hometown!

  • Almost. But without the complete disregard for the normal joes among us. It would be terrible to have a template who cared very little for the blue collar html sub-structure that serves silently and without the glory of cool colors, interesting art work and appreciable assets.

    But thank you, I’m glad you like it! If only I were as fancy shmancy!

  • pstrmike

    All I have to do is go over the other side of the mountain and I realize this is still a great place live……………….. shalom

  • pstrmike

    btw, it’s been awhile since I stopped in. Nice change to the site.

    aka mike in oregon

  • Glad to see you around. And no kidding about just over the mountain! It’s a different world over there, isn’t it!