Inventions that are silly…

August 16, 2012

File this one under “silly inventions”.  It’s a triangle shaped thing-a-ma-bob that suction cups to the center of your plate to help you get all your food on your fork.

Remarkably, I have something that will outperform the triangle thing.

It’s called a knife.   Used in conjunction with the fork by a person trained in it’s appropriate use?  It’s almost magical how well I can clean up a plate.

And I didn’t have to beg from strangers on social media sites for $10k so my kid can get something mass produced that only further dumbs down society and does not raise the bar for not eating like cavemen.

I won’t tell you the name because I don’t want any cross advertising.  Inadvertent as it may be…

In the next episode of silly inventions I will be talking about the pancake flipper pan for people too stupid to own a spatula, or know how to use it


  • Anonymous

    Why use a knife? Then you have to wash it. I like a piece of toast or biscuit. Works just fine and then it’s extra yummy from all the goo it absorbs while being a backstop.

  • AJW308

    Anonomous was me.