It’s a bad day when…

March 7, 2009

THIS happens.

Do you understand that this poor schlep HAD HIS KEYS ALL THE TIME????

And the lack of compassion expressed here?  Read the link in the window after you click the link…  No. Seriously.  Do it.

Poo on you?


There’s a new show…  “Lie To Me”.  Love it.   Super fun.  Makes me look cross-eyed at everyone  while I’m trying to be an instant “natural”.  Yeah, c’mon.  Lie to me… I know when you’re lying.  Don’t ask how. I just know.  I can catch millisecond microexpressions…  Oh yeah baby….

The sad thing is 90% of the time people are lying about something (34% of statistics are made up on the spot… bear with me) and so if you say you know someone is lying they’ll automatically remember what they lied about and then!!!   Shazzam!  You got ’em.

I had the unfortunate opportunity to spend quite some time “befriending” someone I would classify as a paranoid pathological liar.   He lied about the DUMBEST stuff.  Stuff nobody cared about, stuff easily proven wrong/untrue, stuff that didn’t make sense and stuff that made him look like more of an ass than he already appeared to be.

Has never made sense to me.   Truth tastes better and defends easier.   Even when it’s hard.

Anyhow.   “Lie To Me” has this lovely brunette whose name I can’t remember because it’s just a TV show and who really cares anyway?   Well, she has this line in the script where she talks about unconscious prejudice.   So, if you have a certain look on your face, like “disgust” while in the presence of any minority.  Even if you are unconscious of this facial expression you are guilty of prejudice.

Funny thing is….  They were getting all this data from a video.

Getting back to my original thought….

What if someone just farted?

Would a disgusted look about an ODOR in the air, the copious presence of, what we call at our house, “farticles” being inhaled through the nostrils be the same as unconscious prejudice?

‘Cuz if it is?  I hate people all the time.

But at least I will REFUSE to crawl into a rest area toilet TANK and swim in their POO to prove I’m not prejudiced.

I suppose the disgust on the faces of the rescuers, the writer of the article and virtually every person who even imagines how TERRIBLE that would be to be nose deep in P.O.O.P is just repressed prejudice toward minorities.

Oh yes.  I’m sure of it.

Heidi of Pebblechaser.  Bringing up important topics and challenging the status quo.   One brilliant question at a time.

You love me.


I think this guy needs some sensitivity training.  Doesn’t he understand how painful this was and how much compassion this man needed?   Well, that and some change.

Of clothing…


If only he’d had a stimulus check.   Then all his woes would be gone and he would poo daisies.

If only everyone had a stimulus check.

And poo’d daisies.

If only….

  • snort, giggle, guffah, snort, howl.

  • AW

    I’m sure my pa would think its equally funny – but he didn’t respond to that! 🙂

  • Heidi, my email is If you want my phone number to call me get it from Jason. I don’t really want to post it for the whole world (or at least a little corner of the world) to see. But call me I’d love to talk.

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  • Once again, I have stolen from you. But fully credited, I assure you!

    Of course, it raises the question, “Did you see that scene in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’?” Ugh!!!!!

  • Giraffe

    I did something similar about a month ago. Spent an hour looking for my keys in the snow till I found them in a coat pocket when I gave up.

    I would not do what he did.